Terminal Time

Over the holidays, I spent an extraordinary amount of time in airport terminals. Specifically, terminal C at Dallas-Fort Worth International airport. Between the symphonies of crying babies, weather delays and crew availability miscues I have endured and have almost reached my final destination.  Recently, I have been given the opportunity to be an intern for […]

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“Without Advertising the World Would be Boring”

“Who, what, when, where and why” are the most powerful words in the English language. These words help us get one step closer to truth or to the answers we are seeking. That is exactly what advertising does. It helps people discover new things about themselves and the world they live in, about what lies […]

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Just Doodle It

When is the last time you sat down to draw something…not for a class assignment or a team building activity but for the sole reason of flexing your creative muscle? Like those times in class or in meetings when your mind just wonders off and you begin to doodle. In those moments where you let your mind go […]

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