The Collegiate Conundrum

Graduation season is now in full swing. The second those horribly fitted square caps go flying in the air all across the nation a new shipment of college students will walk into the magical world of university life. With this changing of the educational guard comes another group of learners that seldom get talked about […]

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This I Believe; We are All Created Equal

I wrote the following based off a project by National Public Radio where essays were written by individuals from all over the country simply by giving them the prompt “This I believe”. I am a 20 year old Caucasian male who has never had to worry about going hungry, thirsty, having clothes on my back or a […]

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I’m Fine= Something is Wrong

Q: “Hey man, are you okay?” A: “Ya, I’m fine” Q: “How are you doing?” A: “I’m fine.” Q: “Is everything alright with us right now?” A: “Yes everything is fine.”’s first definition of the word fine is “of superior or best quality”. On the contrary, the word fine in today’s hyper-connected society has […]

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