“Without Advertising the World Would be Boring”

“Who, what, when, where and why” are the most powerful words in the English language. These words help us get one step closer to truth or to the answers we are seeking. That is exactly what advertising does. It helps people discover new things about themselves and the world they live in, about what lies within them and what lives around them, about needs and aspirations, about what they can become and what they can help the world become.

Nothing is discovered without a question being asked first. I have yet to lose that childish curiosity that keeps kids on the hunt for more answers about their world. I am constantly inquisitive, on the search to learn more, understand better and find the truth that others see. This adventuresome side of me, in cahoots with my creative nature, is what draws me to advertising.

The McCann “Truth about Advertising” study cited that “24% of the industry still believes that the best of advertising is yet to come.” That is where I fall. I embrace the unknown; I relish in the mysterious thrill of it. My goal is to make the future is as promising as the past was for the Advertising industry. The industry constantly fascinates me and will always be my avenue for strategic creativity. By helping others answer “who, what, when, where and why”, I discover the answers to these questions for myself.

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