Terminal Time

Over the holidays, I spent an extraordinary amount of time in airport terminals. Specifically, terminal C at Dallas-Fort Worth International airport. Between the symphonies of crying babies, weather delays and crew availability miscues I have endured and have almost reached my final destination. ┬áRecently, I have been given the opportunity to be an intern for […]

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Home Sick in My House: a Seasonal Case of FOMA from a College Kid

The Ocho

Have you ever felt homesick while sitting in your own living room? A house is not a home. By definition, a house is shelter, a place that protects you from the elements and separates you from the rest of the world. A home is a place where one creates their life and has invested time […]

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The Collegiate Conundrum

Graduation season is now in full swing. The second those horribly fitted square caps go flying in the air all across the nation a new shipment of college students will walk into the magical world of university life. With this changing of the educational guard comes another group of learners that seldom get talked about […]

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Eurotrippin’ Day 2 Part 1

A View of the City Minus Bags Under My Eyes: This morning as I rolled over in my bed and stared into the morning sun. I was simultaneously perplexed by the dial of my watch face. It was reporting 5:47am. My body was still completely unadjusted to the six-hour time change. Jetlagged and a tad […]

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