Just Doodle It


When is the last time you sat down to draw something…not for a class assignment or a team building activity but for the sole reason of flexing your creative muscle?

Like those times in class or in meetings when your mind just wonders off and you begin to doodle. In those moments where you let your mind go and a seamless connection is formed between the right side of your brain and the tip of a pen, you never know what you can create. Those brief instants of creative clarity are fundamental to our sanity. Whether you are an artistic prodigy or you’ve never been able to draw a straight line, the ability to express ideas as images or words is valued in almost any profession.

Creativity is expressed in every walk of life from engineering to fashion design to accounting to sandwich making.  Each has a different manner of expressing it, but inherently the ground breaking achievements in each field are linked to the creative thinking behind the achievement. Our ability to think and express ourselves creatively is a responsibility that we cannot turn our backs on. Creative problem solving with no fear of failure breads unprecedented innovation to even the  simplest ofchallenges.

The video below is a perfect example of how creative thinking can help solve even the most head scratching challenges.

Take five minutes today to do something creative. Whether you play word association games with yourself or doodle on a napkin don’t let the day go by without taking your creative side out for a spin.  It isn’t hard, and everyone can do it. Each of us is and can be creative in our own way, so find what it is that makes the right side of your brain tick and run with it.

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