Washington’s Square Heart


It’s the perfect place to bear the founding father’s name.

A place where people come together to be themselves without a drop of shame. 


With the old man’s snare drums in motion, 

And children mesmerized by the fountain as if it were an ocean.


It’s a little oasis,

For all of us who stroll these streets on a daily basis.


Beneath Broadway’s light, 

Lady Liberty searches for her knight. 

Perpetually watching over her people with all her might. 

Because the way this place goes none of us know if tonight’s gona be our night.


But at least we’ve got this square, 

A sanctuary for all of us to share.

A relic of our past and an ode to a future where we all show her we still care.

Cause she’ll never stop preaching, “Together is the best way to prevent wear and tear.”


We all have a home, here in Washington’s Square.

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