Terminal Time

Over the holidays, I spent an extraordinary amount of time in airport terminals. Specifically, terminal C at Dallas-Fort Worth International airport. Between the symphonies of crying babies, weather delays and crew availability miscues I have endured and have almost reached my final destination. ¬†Recently, I have been given the opportunity to be an intern for […]

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Soccer & America: Why the Rest of the World Loves the Beautiful Game and America Should Too.

I’m standing around a bar in an airport in Columbus, Ohio surrounded by 100 strangers. 20 of whom are members of the professional soccer team FC Dallas. We are circled around a what can be no bigger than a 19 inch TV over a bar. ¬†We are watching with the upmost angst as Greece and […]

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Eurotrippin’ Day 2 Part 1

A View of the City Minus Bags Under My Eyes: This morning as I rolled over in my bed and stared into the morning sun. I was simultaneously perplexed by the dial of my watch face. It was reporting 5:47am. My body was still completely unadjusted to the six-hour time change. Jetlagged and a tad […]

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