Eurotrippin’- Day 1 part 1

The following is an excerpt from my personal travelogue during my time study and living across the pond.

May 14, 2013

After redundantly flying from DFW to OKC back to DFW and finally the long voyage to London we arrived at 7:45 in the morning to have some troubles getting the jet bridge to come to the plane. My neighbor in the seat next to me on that 9-hour trek was a Scottish pilot who was in Dallas to test out and use the flight simulator I had used with Paps a few years ago. We chatted and he told me of all the “old things” that were in London. He didn’t use this term in the most endearing ways but one could tell he had an air of jealousy/distaste for this global cultural mega hub.

When we arrived in London and were going through customs I was for some reason shocked to hear this charming lovely accent flutter out of the mouth of my border patrol officer. My mind was like wait we look alike yet her voice makes her sound ten times smarter and more reliable than anyone else’s back home.

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