Is Advertising a Profession?

Advertising is not a profession. Advertising is a sport. It is a constant competition between the globe’s most creative minds. It is a business where collaboration summons ideas that change how people view everything that makes up their world. Life is 100% about perspective and what advertising does is give people different lenses to view it through. Advertisers must grasp onto a genuine understanding of how all facets of our world work. Each of us is continuously learning about our evolving world in search of truths about humanity. Like all sports there are winners and losers in advertising too. In this game the winners get more work and the losers use that feeling in the pit of their stomachs to light a fire beneath them to earn more work.

At the end of the day the satisfaction of creating something wonderful from a simple idea is what fuels each of us to push the boundaries of what is believed to be possible. This occupation requires each who joins it to keep two fingers of the pulse of the latest trends all in an attempt to create their own. It is not like many other jobs; in the ad world you work with fascinating people in an ecosystem that is pristine for the incubation of creativity. Risk takers are rewarded and failures are celebrated because if you aren’t ever failing then you aren’t ever thinking big enough.

Advertising is not a profession. Advertising is an art. It is not just about selling a bottle of Coke or redesigning a company logo. What advertising is about is balance. Balancing innovative thinking with real world business objectives in order to shape the cultural landscape that the globe takes for granted. Advertising makes the world as we know it go-round and being a part of the machine that keeps it moving is one of the most rewarding professions anybody could dream of.

Damn it… advertising is totally a profession.

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