Always Talk to Strangers

Remember when you were at the mall as a child just curious about the world around you? You know the time I am talking about: hiding in clothing racks and “don’t step on the cracks or break your mother’s back” were all part of the mall- going experience. Odds are your parents warned you, “don’t talk to strangers” after those mini-adventures through the department store aisles.

Well as we grow older we realize that much of what our parents tell us is true, but much of it is also up to our own interpretation. Personally, I embrace a conversation with someone I have never met. After all, at some point everyone we now know and call a friend was first a stranger. How did this relationship form one might ask themselves? I am going to take a gander and say that is had something to do with talking to them. Take your parent’s stranger advice with a grain of salt.

Be inquisitive. Learn from the world around you. And most importantly, always talk to strangers so there are fewer of them in your world.

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